Health & Safety Policy

Statement of Intent
This is the health and safety policy statement of The Right Track Sports CIC, we as an organisation
are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all individuals who deliver or take part in our
sport sessions by ensuring the standards set out below are adhered to at all times:
The coaches and volunteers will comply with appropriate health and safety requirements. This will
be done in accordance with the requirements as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
All coaches will undertake a thorough health and safety risk assessment prior to a session
commencing, including locating the nearest first aid box and fire alarm. This is to ensure sessions are
delivered in a safe environment.
All coaches must ensure that any injuries or accidents that occur during the session are reported to a
senior member of staff. Parents/carers must also be made aware.
The coaches will ensure that all coaches are provided with safe equipment that enables sessions to
be delivered safely and at no risk to them or the participants if appropriate.
All coaches have a responsibility to ensure only safe equipment is used in a session. All coaches must
check equipment prior to the session commencing and report any unsuitable equipment to the
relevant person within the setting.
Coaches and volunteers must ensure that all equipment is stored away safely at the end of the
session ready for the next session to commence.

The Right Track Sports CIC is committed to providing training to ensure that participants are able to
operate any equipment safely. In addition, all appropriate staff are required to hold an up-to-date
safeguarding certificate. The management committee will ensure that this policy is reviewed
annually. This review will ensure any necessary changes in health and safely law can be included.